Ask Doctor Jad is a website run by me, Doctor Jad. Who'd have thought?

I'm a hospital doctor who trained in the United Kingdom and I'm currently working in Internal Medicine. This involves diagnosing and managing conditions involving most of our organs and systems.

Along the way, I've encountered patients who have been victim to misinformation on a wide range of cosmetic procedures and products. Think bad hair transplants, dodgy supplements. You name it.

My interest in starting this website was first peaked when I noticed:

  1. How hard it is to access accurate, concise information about all things cosmetic and beyond
  2. How even harder it is to find the treatments which work and avoid the endless list of scams (and dangerous treatments) on the internet
  3. How even even harder it is to find the right treaments at the best price

And that's what this website is for!

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How this website works

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Please note that this website is not intended to replace your doctor and that appointments with your doctor are always recommended.