Botox: common concerns

Botox: common concerns
Photo by Wind Ira / Unsplash

It's totally normal to be a little apprehensive about someone poking your face with a needle. It'd be weirder if you weren't.

Here are some common concerns that should make you feel more confident about getting Botox, if that's what would make you happy!

Will I lose my facial expressions after treatment?

Not if you’ve been treated in a good clinic. The best doctors will inject just enough to weaken the muscles to the point where you see fewer wrinkles, while maintaining your ability to make all the faces you want.

Will I lose sensation to my face after treatment?

Nope. The needles don’t go anywhere near the nerves supplying sensation to your face. They just go to the muscles.

When can I have another round of treatment?

When the underlying issue crops up again. Generally every 3-4 months.

Is this treatment actually safe?

When in the right hands. Make sure you go to the most reputable clinics. That means no cost cutting – you might regret it later.

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