Are you experiencing constant fatigue? You may be among the millions of people suffering from sleep deprivation. Prolonged sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences, such as increasing the likelihood of diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stroke, and heart failure if left untreated.

Let's fix that. This article will guide you through the best supplements that can enhance the quality of your sleep.

How we judged the best sleep supplements

Research has revealed that many natural ingredients can improve sleep quality. As a result, more people are using supplements to improve their sleep. However, most products contain ingredients which simply don't work.

We researched the best sleep supplements based on: ingredients clinically proven to work, product quality, customer service, and value for money. Here's the top 4 sleep supplements for 2023.

The winner: Sleep Support Plus

Sleep Support Plus

The best sleep supplement of 2023!

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Coming in at the top is VitaPost Sleep Support Plus. While most sleep supplements only contain 1-3 supplements, Sleep Support Plus contains 15, making it a much more effective and versatile sleep product.

Each ingredient is well chosen in order to achieve the best results. Sleep Support Plus is vegan friendly and gluten free, as well as being designed to be free from allergens. It's clear that VitaPost did their research very well when making this product, which is why it's the most effective sleep supplement available.

Sleep Support Plus offers a money back guarantee if you change your mind about the product within 7 days of delivery and with the great customer reviews, it's a low-risk, high-reward winner!

Second place: Natrol melatonin

Natrol melatonin

The best pure melatonin product on the market

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  • Contains melatonin


  • Does not contain other sleep supplements
  • May not be as effective as clinically proven combination supplements


In second place is Natrol melatonin, a popular choice and well-known brand. It's a great product containing melatonin at a range of different doses, depending on the preparation you go for. Melatonin is the most tested sleep supplement and the most trustworthy one, so it's a safe choice.

Like Sleep Support Plus, it generally helps reducing the time taken to fall asleep and overall sleep quality. So why isn't it better than Sleep Support Plus?

Because Sleep Support Plus contains the same amount of melatonin as Natrol plus all the extra good stuff. So for the price, it's the better deal.

But if you wanted to try a pure melatonin product, Natrol melatonin is the best product to try.

Third place: Antihistamines


  • Clinically proven to cause sleepiness


  • Lots of potential side effects
  • Does not contain melatonin
  • Does not contain several other sleep supplements


Although antihistamines are usually used to treat allergies, some of them have a sedating effect and so are sometimes used as sleep supplements. These antihistamines include doxylamine (Unisom) and diphenhydramine (Benadryl). So, why are they third place?

Side effects. Daytime drowsiness, clumsiness, poor reaction speeds, impaired judgement, dry mouth, blurred vision, inability to pee. To name a few. You also can't drive when you take antihistamines so a lot of people don't think they're worth the bother.

I would always recommend melatonin over antihistamines, but if you really want to give them a go (or if they just work better for you), here's a trusted one.

Fourth place: Valerian root

The best valerian root sleep aid

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  • Promising research findings
  • Good customer reviews


  • Further research needed to elucidate benefits
  • Does not contain melatonin
  • Does not contain other sleep supplements
  • Possibly a bit smelly


Valeriana officinalis, a species of the tall, flowering grassland plant, has shown promising results in reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and improving sleep quality in some studies. Some products also have great reviews.

However, it's important to note that not all studies have had the same findings, and there may be some potential side effects associated with using valerian root including headaches, dizziness and stomach problems. It's important to note that only the roots of Valeriana officinalis have been widely studied. Essentially, more studies are required to figure this one out. Some valerian products can also smell funky - so choose your product wisely!

Being totally honest, out of all the products I've mentioned today, this is probably the weakest one. Although it's a great adjunct to melatonin products, it's a weaker option when used by itself. Of course, I'm leaving it as an option as it may actually be your product of choice. And hey, I'm not judging.

Here's the best reviewed valerian product on Amazon.

How to find the best sleep supplements

If you're still reading, you're clearly interested in the science of what works and what doesn't. I like you.

In recent years, researchers have found that various natural ingredients can enhance the quality of sleep. As a result, more individuals are turning to supplements to improve their sleep patterns. Sleep supplements have become a highly sought-after product in the supplement market, with many options available. While this provides a wide selection to choose from, it can be challenging to determine which ones will be most effective.

Translation: some sleep supplements are great, but a lot of them are just a waste of money.

And to make matters worse, a lot of people promote absolutely anything to make a quick buck.

All these combination sleeping aids with random ingredients can make it very difficult to figure out which ones are actually worth your money.

If only there was an honest medical professional who could help! Like a doctor. (Hint hint.)

I’ve found the best sleep supplements based on: clinically proven ingredients, product quality, pricing, and customer service.

A good sleep supplement will:

  • Get you to sleep faster
  • Keep you asleep for longer
  • Have little to no side effects

And what are these clinically proven ingredients? Let me tell you.

The best sleep supplements may consist of a primary ingrediedient and a few secondary ingredients to boost its overall effect.

The most common primary ingredients are:

These are the most studied supplements. The following supplements below will be classed as secondary ingredients due to their smaller evidence bases and need for further research.

The best secondary ingredients:

  • Tryptophan (which is converted into 5-HTP)
  • Goji berry - helps to soothe us and reduce stress
  • Lemon balm - also helps with the soothing and relaxing
  • Chamomile - a great way to relax (I can vouch for this as someone obsessed with chamomile tea.)
  • Valerian - a great stress reliever

These ingredients have promising results, but as with everything health-related, more studies are needed to fully understand their potential benefits.

The ingredients awaiting better research:

  • GABA - there is limited evidence that it helps for stress and very limited evidence that it helps with sleep
  • Magnesium - results are mixed and better quality studies are needed
  • Vitamin B6 - there isn't enough evidence showing that it helps, some studies have actually shown the opposite
  • L-theanine - some animal studies show promise but there are no good human studies looking into its effect on sleep

Again, more studies are needed to fully understand the effects of these supplements on sleep. But at the moment, the research we do have isn't good enough for me to recommend any products with these supplements as main ingredients. Just being honest!

With great power comes great responsibility: now you have no excuse not to pick the best sleep supplements!

How to get the most out of your sleep supplements

A lot of people buy sleep supplements expecting them to cure their sleeping issues and get them sleeping like a baby again.

If only it were that simple.

You have to remember that sleep supplements are just that: it's in the name. They supplement your efforts towards improving your sleep.

You should only aim to take them for as little time as possible.

But they're not to be relied on, or you're going to be disappointed.

So how can you maximise your chances of getting back to sleep properly?

It's (somewhat) simple.

In addition to using sleep supplements, you should also be practising good:

  • Sleep hygiene
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia

A combination of these three approaches will definitely maximise your chance of getting the sleep you deserve.

You can learn much more about how to practise the best sleep hygiene and cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia here.

If you're still not convinced, you can read a more detailed article about cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia here.

You can also get the best online therapy right now, with an exclusive 15% discount.

The final word

When selecting a supplement to enhance sleep and relaxation, it is crucial to opt for one that comprises of clinically studied, high-quality ingredients and is delivered in healthy quantities. It's also crucial to see your doctor before starting any new supplement. They will ensure it's safe for you to try.

After extensive research and medical reviews, we believe Sleep Support Plus is the best sleep supplement on the market. You can try it for yourself and enjoy the benefits. Or your money back.